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GUANZISM,在北京居住的马来西亚设计师,过去的10年里,出于对音乐的热情,经常参与本地的音乐人共同创作。GUANZISM曾与许多北京电子乐队进行设计创作,像YEN, Morse, Japan Avex’s HOUSE NATION等等。 GUANZISM还为当地的DJ,Mickey Zhang进行一系列设计。2004年,在DJ Ken Ishii的中国之行,也就是北京最火的万圣节派对,传说中的长城狂野派对中,由GUANZISM亲手泡制活动设计,成为派对重要的幕后推手. GUANZISM, a Malaysian designer residing in Beijing, have been greatly involved in the local music scene for over 10 years. With a passion for music, and support for local artists, GUANZISM have designed for various Beijing electronic music brands like YEN, Morse, Japan Avex’s HOUSE NATION, and many others. GUANZISM have also worked with local DJs like Beijing’s reputable techno DJ Mickey Zhang. GUANZISM’s t-shirt and flyer designs can be spotted at DJ Ken Ishii’s China tour in 2004, the legendary Great Wall Rave Parties, to Beijing’s hottest Halloween parties.



Subsection called the “packager” is the the KON designer GUANZISM for the first time cooperation, jointly launched the limited edition riding backpack. Growing in the riding family today, the brightest entrants equipment requirements are constantly changing, practical, andthe sense of the trend is the starting point of this section cooperation, and hope to achieve the integration of the best, after more than 20 times the combination of different materials and stitching on the inside and outside the double-layer fabric choices and strap strap cortex combined with high-density fiber belt,real and practical is the biggest highlight of this product, to ensure that the bearing surface, adjustable the aesthetics three largest fusion harsh metal details to keep the dedication has always been slightly paranoid internal waterproof fabric, the increase in this subsectionthe function. “Out” is a true quality assurance.