LAVA Flame-KON FW2018 released

KON 2018 F/W Series with the new vision of “LAVA Flame” as the design concept, the use of brand iconic black and white orange as the tone, with the flame changes in the process of red, yellow, purple and other warm colors, for this bleak autumn to add a hint of vitality and warmth.

The design of the use of color, splicing, segmentation and other means of expression, the segmentation line is both functional and decorative, so that the single product simple and not lose the sense of design, and strive to find a balance in style design and clothing function.

Kon has always attached importance to detail design, this season has a lot of intimate functional details waiting for you to find, such as mezzanine pocket design, without opening the zipper can remove the items in the pocket, the bottom ring windproof design, in bad weather can also maximize the body temperature …

This season’s product style has also become more abundant, clothing category launched a tooling vest, a variety of sizes of pockets to put your belongings in place, light travel, Accessories category added scarves, belts and outdoor picnic mats.

The series will debut on August 21 , when please pay attention to the latest developments in Kon official website and e-commerce platform!