Kon® ® is “KEEP origin™” to take the first three letters abbreviated, founded in 2009, is a diverse cross-border joint cultural brand, around music, travel, extreme sports, the youth culture and outdoor light sports combined. Kon continues to work with a number of designer artists in Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region to integrate more independent styles into the brand. Kon will continue this tour style of creative way, will be popular culture all over the brand line, fermentation inspiration!

KON is established in 2009, the name is birth in last century, a popular slogan in Small crow of the rock music “Find Th E Kudos of Nova “. The other meaning are the abbreviation of “KEEP origin”. With music fermentation inspiration and special taste to examine popular design are our principles remain. In the Asian-KON cooperate with Europe, Asia Pacific and the United statesthe designers. Their different styles is integrate and independent of the other. KON would keep this in and about the music changeable and fresh!

The meaning of the symbol: the logo ofKON is K ‘s three strokes after dismantling the formation of a solid triangular symbol, but also “Addict” obsession, addictive meaning. Embodying the positive attitude of adhering to the nature and persistent progress towards the ideal.

The sign of the Symbol:kon is a stable triangle symbol which are formed after the dismantling of the three of K. I T is also the “Addict” addictive and addictive meaning, embodying the positive of attitude of sticking to the nature and Stri Ving to the ideal.