SS2018 Collection: COASTREET

Just like the transformation of the ocean and the tranquility of the streets. Natural environment and artificial environment are both expressing their different languages. Both of them change in time, and finally form our world. As one falls of the power and peace, forming this colorful world. In this season of collection, we want to return to some of the essential elements of fashion.

“Take music and friends to travel together.”

For this journey, we are ready for you.

This collection is more comfortable and functional in material selection to maintain a simple and lightweight wearing experience.

And this design of collection incorporates some interesting design elements, such as hand-drawn illustrations, classic signboard fonts, and some surfing and skateboarding sports terminology.

The biggest difference from the past is this season based on the color change of the ocean level in one day, summed up the eight colors as the basis, opened a lot of applications that have never been used, and the more loved items have more personal choices and matching methods.

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