2018 autumn/Winter Series Street Pat Catalog

This season street shot to an ancient European town, baroque architectural style, the old city also retains the World War II left abandoned factories, as if to pull people back to the postwar youth culture awakening of the golden Age …

KON 2018 F/W Series with new visual recognition “LAVA flame ” as the design concept, the use of brand iconic black and white orange as the tone, Orange is just as youth, white represents pure, black symbol of power, and the combination of these three colors of three-color stripes cleverly applied to clothing design.

Kononok” is also a design element reflected in this season’s products, by the brand name distortion, filled with excessive information on the network era of banter and banter.

ADDICT Obsession ” has been the epitome of Kon brand spirit in every season of design works, and the ideal obsession has also prompted the brand over and over again to product innovation. New products are about to go on sale, flames sweeping the streets.