KON创立于2009年,来自上世纪末小众摇滚乐坛的一句口号”Find The Kudos of Nova”。另外一层含义是”KEEP ORIGIN 恪守天性”的缩写。用音乐发酵灵感,挖掘青年文化个性是始终保持的设计初衷。时至今日,已经有亚太及欧美等地区十多位设计师,艺术家参与创作。他们风格迥异,彼此独立而又融汇于此。KON将持续这种巡演式的创作方式,把个性融入各地流行文化,不断创作,像音乐一样变幻新鲜!

无论Johnny Rotten所展现出的歇斯底里的叛逆,还是当今”Addict to Life”的生活表达,”Find the Kudos of Nova” 都是沈迷状态的理由和精神指引,沈迷的状态也必定要坚不可摧,充满力量,必定是热情、纯粹、力量的凝聚。最终,”A”幻化成了由三条骨干交错而成的坚不可摧的三角。他是直觉的,也是充满力量的,沈迷的精神赋予了这个符号生命力,壹场由音乐启发人们热情的行动就此展开。

KON was established in 2009, the name was birth in last century, a popular slogan in small crow of the rock music “Find The Kudos Of Nova”.The other meaning is the abbreviation of “KEEP ORIGIN”. With music fermentation inspiration and special taste to examine popular design is our principles remain. In the Asian market, KON cooperate with Europe,  Asia Pacific and the United Statesthe  designers. Their different styles are integrate and independent of each other. KON will keep this way and like the music changeable and fresh !

No matter Johnny Rotten showing the hysteria of the rebellion, or the “Addict to Life” the expression,”Find the Kudos of Nova” are addicted state reasons and spiritual guidance, addicated state must also be indestructible, full of strength, must be passon, pure and  power of cohesion. In the end, “A” is changed into the triangle impregnable from the three key formed by. It is intuitive, is full of strength, the spirit of addicated endowed the symbol of vitality, a music inspired the enthusiasm of the people by the project begins.