KON创办于2009年,是一个专注音乐、旅行、极限运动的青年流行文化品牌。名字源自一句上世纪音乐口号“Find the KUDOS OF NOVA”。由K的三个笔画拆解后重新交错形成的稳固的三角符号是KON核心理念的体现,也是“Addict”沉迷,上瘾之意。体现恪守本性,对理想永不言弃的积极态度。从创立之初,通过巡演式的创作方式,不断与欧美以及亚太地区多位设计师艺术家联合创作,将更多独立风格和各地文化融入品牌,用多元的文化带来持续发酵的灵感。

KON was established in 2009, the name was birth in last century, a popular slogan in small crow of the rock music “Find The Kudos Of Nova”. KON cooperate with Europe,  Asia Pacific and the United Statesthe  designers. Their different styles are integrate and independent of each other. KON will keep this way and like the music changeable and fresh !The sign of the symbol: Kon is a stable triangle symbol which is formed after the dismantling of the three strokes of K. it is also the “Addict” addictive and addictive meaning, embodying the positive attitude of sticking to the nature and striving to the ideal.